Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Gray Fox

Concepts for Frank Jaeger AKA Gray Fox. Gray Fox is the best and most experienced member of Foxhound-aside Big Boss of course- but he's been captured by the enemy...not that good then :P So Snakes first port of call is breaking Fox out to aid in the destruction of Metal Gear.

Fox at this point is in his 40s, obviously I've tried to portray the POW side of it but also the strength and experience of the character as he becomes a mentor to Snake at the beginning. Also of note is some elements I plan to keep the same with Snake and Fox -as if it's standard issue in the the FOXHOUND unit, also the introduction of the 'bandanna', an aesthetic legacy of Big Boss. If I get round to the second game, snake will be bestowed with a bandanna in his design- again as a medal of Foxhound as well as a symbol of admiration & respect for Gray Fox. Through out the games the 'bandanna', has symbolised this Boss>Big Boss>Gray Fox>Solid Snake>Meryl & Raiden.

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