Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Big Boss...

Concepts for Big Boss. Big Boss is the FOXHOUND commander, but at the end of the first game it is revealed that he's been spinning the whole situation to his own gain and is actually in charge of Outer Haven-the terrorist site that Snake is infiltrating.

In the past he's always been depicted as a guy in a suit with a big overcoat. I did one design with that in mind ,but opted for leather, and decided it was kind of boring (and a bit cliche) as a costume design and not particularly functional-as in both games he is required to fight Snake! So I've tried to give Boss some uniform symbolising his command of FOXHOUND but at the same time allow for some agility for a life and death situation.

The first design doesn't quite have the look of an official military commander-however it does look good as a commander of group of "freedom fighters",(the sequel) with a very "hands-on-look", and would be a nice contrast as he's stripped of his authority in the United States Army by the second game....Thinking of exploring the Third design with some introduction of 'kevlar', for this first game concept as it's quite striking as it is.

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