Thursday, 23 August 2012

Metal Gear Crab :P

Thought I'd have a stab at a Metal Gear vehicle. The only criteria i really had was that it's a "walking battle tank"!

So, thinking back to the 'Shagohod' of 'MGS3' that was track based vehicle and then 'MGS1's, 'Rex'-which is based on a T-Rex('bi-ped'), so have opted for the missing link-something with lower ground clearance and multiple legs for support-as it's not quite there yet in bi-ped terms :P. Crab seemed like a great starting point considering it's a very armoured looking creature as it is and has the qualities I was looking for. I'll probably do more designs around this, but this is a great starting point!

The hanger where it is developed is in the jungles of Africa and rather than opting for the very grey, enclosed hangers of the past games I've opted to inject some of the location into this secret development base! Snake is obviously in the pose of "WTF", since he's never seen anything like this!

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